Our children are our future and we want the best for our children. Not only the best care now, but we also want to leave them in a good world. That is why our products are designed and produced with the utmost care and produced from 100% organic and Fairtrade cotton. Quality, multifunctionality of our products and the care of our children are our core values. Here you can read more about our philosophy.

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AR0010 Sling

This sling can be used directly after the birth of your baby. Your baby will feel safe and secure..Furthermore carrying your child in a sling is  good for the development of back and hips of your child. This sling is a so-called stretchable sling. However, due to the weaving and the binding, it is the strongest among the stretchable slings.

peach coloured sling
More information about the sling

The slings are delivered in a cotton bag, including a user manual. The detailed user manual can also be found on our website. In addition, there is a clear instructional video on our YouTube channel.

Available colour combinations:

  • cc 02 black – white
  • cc 19 navy – naturel
  • cc 23 melange – white
  • cc 26 red – melange
  • cc 46 cobalt – white
  • cc 49 peach – coral

AR0012 Snuggle star

This multifunctional baby cloth is a bib, comfort cloth, burp cloth and a dummy cloth. The pocket gives you the possibility to store the dummy. Nice as a maternity gift. Furthermore the children can put it in their mouth, since during the production proces no chemicals etc are used (GOTS-certified).

snuggle star
snuggle star
More information about the snuggle star

The snuggle starts are order per 2, but sold per piece to customers.
The snuggle star of With a touch of Rose is a multifunctional baby cloth:
Burp cloth – Because of the shape, the cloth can be places over the shoulder perfectly. Moreover, it absorbs well because of the double layer of fabric.
Bib – The snuggle star also has press studs, so it can be used as a bib. You can also use the press studs to tie the snuggle star to the stroller. This prevents you from losing it.
Comfort cloth – Also possible: put a knot with two ends together. You stimulate the feeling and oh … it feels really soft and nice this cloth.
Dummy cloth (pacifier) – Because of the string you won’t loose the dummy. Don’t want to use the dummy, just put it in the small pocket. The dummy stays clean.

Also this product is made of 100% organic (GOTS) and Fairtrade (Max Havelaar) cotton. It is soft to your baby, handy in use and convenient for traveling.
The snuggle star was nominated for the Baby Innovation Award 2011 in the category Care.

Available colour combinations:

  • cc 05 pink – fuchsia
  • cc 34 natural – soft blue
  • cc 35 natural – soft pink
  • cc 36 green – beige
  • cc 37 natural – dark navy
  • cc 24 white – grey melange

AR0021 Large burpcloth

These large burp cloths are double-layered and made from left over fabrics. That ensures unique products. They are also extra large, so they offer more protection to your clothes. There are 2 wipes in 1 wrap.

burp cloth with a blue binding
burp cloth gender neutral
More information about the large burp cloth
Did you know that for every production run, the factory produces 5% extra cotton. And that that cotton disappears into stock? Well before it is being disposed, we take it out. And we give this cotton a new live. The result is a unique product: per color combination there is only a limited edition.
Furthermore the cloth is large. Therefore they offer more protection to your clothing.
The colours are divided in pink, blue and neutral tones. If you would like to have specific colours in your store, please contact us and we look at the possibilities.

Available colour combinations:

  • cc 91 pink tones
  • cc 92 blue tones
  • cc 93 neutral tones (not available)
  • cc 94 blue tones – improved version
  • cc 95 netral tones – improved version

The improved version of the burp cloths is slightly larger. It better protects your clothing even better and remains better on the shoulder.

AR0022 Blanket

These blankets can be used for cradle, bedstead and as a blanket on the couch. Because of the knitted cable they have both a tough and sweet appearance. Moreover, they stay very soft.

More information about the blanket

The blanket of With a touch of Rose is knitted in a nice cable and can be used for a long time. The blankets are 100 x 150 cm. Double folded they can be used as a crib blanket, just as a bedstead blanket. The blanket can also be used on the toddler or adult bed.

However, this blanket does not only work well in the baby / nursery, but also as a plaid on the couch. Of course, these blankets are also made of 100% organic and Fairtrade cotton.

Available colour combinations

  • cc 102 pink
  • cc 103 red
  • cc 104 navy
  • cc 105 grey melange
  • cc 107 beige melange
swaddle set

AR0023 Swaddle set

Nice large swaddles (120 cm x 120 cm), that feel really soft and  can be used as a sheet, as a towel and to wrap your baby.

Meer informatie over de swaddle

Nice large swaddles, that feel really soft. These swaddles are new in our collection and are made, just like our other products from 100% organic and Fairtrade high quality cotton. They are absorbent and breathable.

These swaddles are 120 cm x 120 cm and can be used in the stroller as a cover, as a sheet, as a towel after having a bath, to wrap your baby, and much more… Always handy to have a swaddle at hand.

This set contains 1 plain white swaddle and 1 swaddle with blue stars.

    AR0004-9 Sleeping bags

    The sleeping bags of With a touch or Rose feels very soft. They are therefore very comfortable for your child. Because of the elastic bands at the waist the sleep sack stays in place very well, even with children who discover all sides of the bed. In addition, the sleep sack ensure a constant comfortable temperature during sleep.

    The sleeping bags are available in 3 sizes: 70 cm, 90 cm and 110 cm. The sleep sack without sleeves shown in the pictures are size 70 and with sleeves are size 90.

    More information about the sleeping bags

    The sizes of the sleepings bags do not indicate the length of them, but is an indication to what length the baby can handle the sleeping bag:
    The 70 cm sleeping bag can be used immediately from birth until the baby is 6 to 8 months old.
    The 90 cm sleeping bag can be used until the child is about 90 cm long, i.e. up to about 2 years old.
    The 110 cm sleeping bag can be used from about 21 months.

    Available colour combinations:

    • cc 05 pink – fuchsia
    • cc 06 fuchsia – pink
    • cc 17 turquoise – white
    • cc 19 navy – natural
    • cc 23 grey melange – white

    AR0002 Nappy storage bag

    You can store the nappies in this nappy storage bag. By placing this nappy storage bag close to your chest, you can easily take a clean nappy. The nappy storage bag is a nice accessory for the baby room.

    Moreover, this nappy storage bag is also very suitable for storing toys. So even if you don’t use nappies any longer, you can still use this nappy storage bag as a storage bag.

    More information about the nappy storage bag

    The With a touch of Rose nappy storage bag is a handy trendy storage bag for nappies. Just place it next to your changing table and you always have a clean nappy within reach. Together with the pajamas bag, the nappy storage bag is also a contemporary accessory to your childs room. Because of the large amount of colors there is always a color combination that fits into the child’s room.
    Moreover our sleeping bags are also available in the same color combinations.

    Available colour combinations

    • cc 05 pink – fuchsia
    • cc 06 fuchsia – pink
    • cc 15 turquoise – navy
    • cc 16 navy – turquoise
    • cc 17 turquoise – white
    • cc 18 white – turquoise

    AR0001 Pajamas bag

    The pajamas bag is both a storage bag to use in the room and and a stay-over bag. Because of the extra opening, this pajamas bag is also easy to use by your child.

    More information about the pajamas bag

    The pajamas bag from With a touch of Rose is a multi-functional product.
    It is a storage bag for pajamas, teddybeer and / or pacifier. A handy storage for all things that better stay in the room. If you put the tooth brush in there as well, your child can stay-over with the grand-parents. The pajamas bag turns into a stay-over bag.
    Because of the extra opening, a child is able to use the bag easily. Together with the diaper bag, the pajamas bag is a nice storage accessory in the room. Moreover the diaperbag and sleep sacks with and without sleeves are available in the same color combinations.

    Available colour combinations

    • cc 05 pink – fuchsia
    • cc 06 fuchsia – pink
    • cc 15 turquoise – navy
    • cc 16 navy – turquoise
    • cc 17 turquoise – white
    • cc 18 white – turquoise
    • cc 23 grey melange – white
    • cc 24 white – grey melange



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